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Frontend Deployment

Deploy to QA

To perform a QA deployment over AWS S3:

make deploy_qa

Other environments deployment

To perform a Staging, Demo and Production deployment over AWS S3:

make deploy_staging
make deploy_demo
make deploy_prod


If you receive the error ERROR running aws s3api put-bucket-policy --bucket BUCKET_NAME --policy S3_BUCKET_POLICY, probably the script was unable to deactivate the 'Block all public access' option on the S3 bucket.

To solve it:

  • Go to the AWS Console.
  • Go to S3.
  • Search for App bucket (e.g. exampleapp-frontend-website).
  • Click on the bucket name.
  • Click on the 'Permissions' tab.
  • Click on 'Edit' in the 'Block public access (bucket settings)' section.
  • Uncheck 'Block all public access'.
  • Click on 'Save changes'.
  • Confirm the operation.

To link this S3 bucket to the App domain:"

  • Go to Route 53.
  • Click on the Zone corresponding to the App domain.
  • Click on 'Create Record'.
  • Enter the subdomain: 'app-qa', 'app-staging', 'app-demo' or 'app' (for production).
  • Enable 'alias'.
  • In 'Route traffic to' select the 'Alias to CloudFront' option.
  • In 'Choose distribution' select the one corresponding to App stage.
  • Click on 'Create Records'.